Building Mindsets, Unlocking Performance 

Boosting success of customer-facing teams in Pharmaceutical & Life Science organisations

The Challenge

Commercial and medical teams are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing model
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The Assumed Solution

Build skills and train your people.
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The Actual Solution

Develop entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours, allowing your people to rapidly grow and improve performance.

Exceptional customer experience (CX) is the future in the rapidly changing pharmaceutical and life sciences model.

You can upskill your customer-facing teams and leaders as much as you want, if they don’t have the right mindset, they won’t perform to their maximum potential. 

This mindset has a name – entrepreneurialism; a way of being that enables employees to overcome challenges, identify and act on opportunities, be decisive and accept responsibility for outcomes. 

Future CX’s unique evaluation system, E3 (Entrepreneurial Edge Evaluation), is designed to measure existing levels of entrepreneurial mindset, providing detailed insights on an individual, team and organisational level.

See E3 for yourself.

The outcomes of our E3 system


Higher E3 scores correlate with better performance and therefore can be directly linked to tangible commercial benefits.

We allow organisations, teams and individuals to:

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Increase Sales and Market Share

Very few people are naturally entrepreneurial. By identifying the right mindset potential of your employees, you’re able to rapidly develop desirable behaviours, boosting sales and market share performance.

This ensures you’re leading the charge in the market. 

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Transform Your Customers’ Experience

Customer experience excellence is the ‘holy grail’. Whatever the starting point of your people, we help you discover the priority behaviours and mindsets required to ignite and inspire true customer excellence.

This could be the difference your customers are looking for.  

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Accelerate Talent Lifecycle

Talent identification and development are critical to future success. Find the key behaviours that your top performers are exhibiting and prioritise these for internal talent development and external talent recruitment. 

Make informed decisions rather than fumbling around in the dark!

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Our clients include


“I built a new large cross-functional account team using E3. It ensured I had the mindset and behaviours in the team for success now and into the future.”

Senior Business Unit Director, Top 10 Pharma 

“There’s a huge pressure to ensure our people are delivering. But in reality, we have continued to focus on developing the same skills and expected different results. We realised that behaviours needed to change, and E3 allowed us to do exactly that.”

Senior Business Unit Leader, Top 10 Pharma 

“Using E3 provided me with feedback and perspectives that I had never considered in the past, allowing me to challenge my thinking as to how I could optimise the development of my team. Highly recommended! ”

Commercial Leader, Top 10 Pharma

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Shape your future success

Customer experience is the future of the pharmaceutical and life sciences commercial model. We’re here to equip you with the insight you need to dramatically boost commercial and medical teams’ performance. 

Whether you’ve got questions about E3, or you’re ready to get started, our experts are here to help. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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